Off grid power supply home installation with solar panels
Off grid power supply for a home installation in combination with solar panels for a house in Spain. The system consists of six Tesla battery modules, a Multiplus 5000 / 48V, Color Control GX and three MPPT 150/70.

The system has been extensively tested by BPath Energy together with the BMS print prototype. The project is currently being commissioned in Spain.

Further specification of the package:

  • 24 solar panels 330 Wph
  • 3x MPPT to 210 A charging at 48 Volt dc
  • BPath Energy BMS
  • Serial communication with 6 Tesla batteries. Reading 36 cell voltages and 12 temperatures
  • Serial communication between BMS and Victron network.
  • Charging current limit depending on measured battery temperature;
  • Reduction below 12°C 60A
  • Reduction below 5°C 30ADo not load below 0 ° C
  • Reduction between 40-65°C from 210 decreasing to 0A
  • Presentation of BMS messages and information on Victron Color Control.
  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • SOC (state of charge)
  • Tension
  • Alarms