Off-grid home installation with solar panels

Off-grid home installation in combination with solar panels for (holiday) home

Home installations have been realized in (holiday) houses in Spain and Portugal using unique BPath Energy products. It was the wish of the clients to live (partially) off-grid by means of energy from solar panels.

In these countries, the costs of installing an electricity connection or expanding the connection to the public grid are often an enormous investment. In that case, your own energy supply with solar panels is a logical choice.

For these projects BPath Energy makes a complete package of a Tesla battery system (a system with Tesla battery modules and a battery management system), Victron charger / inverter and solar panels. The entire package is fully tested in the Netherlands. The customer will receive a test report and instructions for installation and use. Then the entire package is transported to the home. A local installer, called in by the customer, then connects everything on site.

The specifications and pictures below are from a project for a client who has moved permanently and lives completely off-grid in Spain.

Do you have similar plans? Please contact me and I will be happy to help you!

Off grid home installation in Spain, consisting of a combination of solar panels, six Tesla battery modules, a Multiplus 5000 / 48V, Color Control GX and three MPPT 150/70.

The system has been extensively tested by BPath Energy together with the BMS print prototype. The project has been commissioned spring 2020 in Spain. Further specification of the package:

  • 24 solar panels 330 Wph
  • 3x MPPT to 210 A charging at 48 Volt dc
  • BPath Energy BMS
  • Serial communication with 6 Tesla batteries. Reading 36 cell voltages and 12 temperatures
  • Serial communication between BMS and Victron network.
  • Charging current limit depending on measured battery temperature;
  • Reduction below 12°C 60A
  • Reduction below 5°C 30ADo not load below 0 ° C
  • Reduction between 40-65°C from 210 decreasing to 0A
  • Presentation of BMS messages and information on Victron Color Control.
  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • SOC (state of charge)
  • Tension
  • Alarms