New products in the webshop

Two new products are available in the web shop from March 2020:


Battery module controller

A battery module controller for € 1,499 incl. VAT.

The hardware consists of:

  • BPath BMS;
  • 50 Ohm, 50 Watt pre-charge resistor;
  • 3.5 inch color touch screen;
  • 53-18VDC power supply;
  • 400 Amp Gigavac contactor;
  • On / off button with color LED ring;
  • 400 Amp LEM CAB 300 flux current measurement.

See the product for all functionalities.


Tesla lithium battery system

Tesla lithium battery system for storage of solar energy or UPS systems. Complete systems with a storage capacity of 10.8 kWh, 21.6 kWh, 32.3 kWh or 43.1 kWh. Available from stock, plug & play in combination with Victron equipment.

The battery management has been developed to integrate with the Tesla battery’s own battery monitoring board. In addition, it communicates via Canbus with Victron battery charger / inverters and / or Victron MPPTs to have charging and discharging take place in a controlled manner as the lithium battery allows.

Inside the housing:

  • battery management system;
  • 500 Amp contactor;
  • Tesla battery modules;
  • 5 inch touchscreen;
  • 500 Amp shunt (current measurement);
  • 20 kA fuse of choice 200-400 Amp.

Prices range from € 4,299 to € 12,195 incl. VAT, depending on storage capacity.