Implementation of BESS system at farm


Implementation of a BESS system at a farm

On behalf of WattsUp, BPath Energy provided technical guidance for the implementation of a BESS system at a farm.

From quotation to delivery.

Project description

The solar panels were expanded to a total capacity of 360 kW.

The choice has been made to switch to Edmij as energy supplier and thus gain access to the imbalance market. Edmij is a specialist in predicting consumption, purchasing it in advance on the day ahead market and then trading the differences on the day itself on the imbalance market. Their slogan is Today is the advantage of tomorrow…

Envitron supplied the Energy Management System. Envitron monitors the grid capacity limits (supply 168 kW and absorb 300 kW) and translates Edmij’s trading signals to the 11 solar energy inverters and the 250 kW/645 kWh battery supplied by Iwell.

The most important thing is that the consumption of the farm always has priority. Approximately 200 kW of cooling installations must always have enough space to guarantee the primary source of income for the farm.

Iwell supplied the high-quality battery and assisted in choosing the location of the battery and providing documents requested by the insurance company.

All in all, a project that has many aspects and where various specializations are needed to achieve optimal results.