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BPath Module controller XL

BPath Energy Module Controller XL

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Deye inverter

Deye inverters and batteries

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Affordable energy storage and BMS systems

BPath Energy is the specialist when it comes to affordable energy storage. In the rapidly changing world of energy, storing energy has become increasingly important.

Energy storage SME and agricultural sector

As an entrepreneur, you know how crucial it is to have sufficient energy always and everywhere, whether it concerns keeping your business running or meeting the energy needs of your customers.

With our innovative storage systems, we offer you the opportunity to store energy when it is cheap and plentiful, so you can use it when prices rise or when you need extra energy. This not only saves on your energy bill, but also increases the reliability and flexibility of your energy supply.

Our solutions are not only affordable, but also sustainable and reliable. We use advanced technologies that quickly pay for themselves through the savings you realize. Furthermore, our systems contribute to a greener future by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing CO2 emissions.

Investing in energy storage is investing in the future of your company. It allows you to be proactive in managing your energy needs, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and discover how BPath Energy can help your business grow through affordable energy storage!

Energy storage and BMS for private individuals

BPath Energy also has solutions for energy storage for private individuals and BMS for lithium batteries. Our products can be found in our web shop. We are happy to help you!

Projects / latest news

Would you like to know more about our projects and what we are working on at the moment? Check out the projects page. Below you can some of our projects.

Implementation of BESS system at farm

  Implementation of a BESS system at a farm On behalf of WattsUp, BPath Energy provided technical guidance for the implementation of a BESS system at a farm. From quotation to delivery. Project...

Battery modules for CO2 reduction in construction

Application of battery modules for CO² reduction in the construction sector Accenda BV, innovation partner within the energy transition, has developed and put together a battery pack, for...

BPath videos on products and BMS

BPath YouTube channel with videos on BPath Energy products BPath also has a YouTube channel, with videos on the unique products and BMS of BPath Energy. In these videos Brend explains the battery...

Off-grid home installation with solar panels

Off-grid home installation in combination with solar panels for (holiday) home Home installations have been realized in (holiday) houses in Spain and Portugal using unique BPath Energy products. It...


Also check out the BPath Energy YouTube channel for a detailed explanation of the BPath Module Controller and the Tesla Battery System.