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BPath Energy is happy to help you with smart solutions for energy storage systems for (holiday) home, boat, caravan or camper and other mobile or small industrial applications.

We specialize in battery management systems (BMS), lithium battery energy storage systems and high-quality (used) lithium batteries or battery modules from electric cars.

BPath Energy offers a number of unique products that you can use for your energy storage system, bridging the unknown aspects of high performance lithium car batteries and what it takes to use them in energy storage applications.



  • Module controller: plug & play module controller (battery management system) developed in-house, for Tesla model S and Tesla model X. Soon, the module controller will also be suitable for Tesla model 3 batteries, BMS I3 batteries and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV batteries. Module controllers are sold nationally and internationally (UK, US, Australia, Norway, France, Czech Republic and Hong Kong).
  • Lithium battery systems: a complete system with one or more battery modules, battery management system and housing, developed by BPath Energy. Modular and flexible.
  • Custom communication cables for module controller and Tesla lithium battery systems.
  • High-quality battery modules from used electric cars. Do you already own one or more of these batteries or battery modules? BPath may be able to help you with knowledge and products to supplement this.

The products of BPath Energy can be found in the webshop.


Energy storage projects with lithium batteries and BMS

BPath Energy combines knowledge and unique products with which total projects can be delivered.

  • Installation of Tesla battery modules in luxury yachts in combination with Victron inverters / chargers;
  • (Off-grid) energy supply based on BPath lithium battery system with Tesla battery modules in combination with Victron inverter / charger and solar panels for home installations of customers in Spain and Portugal;
  • Installation of Tesla battery systems in a camper and a mobile coffee stand;

You can see examples on the projects page.


Projects and products are always fully tested for function and (built-in) safety and then delivered to the customer with description and test report.

On the web page (“FAQ”) and the YouTube channel you will find more information that contributes to the safe use of (used) lithium batteries from electric cars.

You can contact us by filling in the contact form, or by calling +31 (0) 6 24925649. I am happy to help you!

Projects / latest news

Would you like to know more about our projects and what we are working on at the moment? Check out the projects page. Below you can see a number of projects.

Battery modules for CO2 reduction in construction

Application of battery modules for CO² reduction in the construction sector Accenda BV, innovation partner within the energy transition, has developed and put together a battery pack, for...

BPath videos on products and BMS

BPath YouTube channel with videos on BPath Energy products BPath also has a YouTube channel, with videos on the unique products and BMS of BPath Energy. In these videos Brend explains the battery...

Off-grid home installation with solar panels

Off-grid home installation in combination with solar panels for (holiday) home Home installations have been realized in (holiday) houses in Spain and Portugal using unique BPath Energy products. It...

Built-in electrical installation in luxury motor yacht

Combination of (Tesla) batteries and Victron equipment for operating the light system, microwave, Nespresso machine and hot plates, and for checking and monitoring overview, balance and the like,...

Opel Ampera-e battery for installation Lotus Elan (Romania)

On May 9, 2019, a complete Opel Ampera-e battery pack of 57 kWh was shipped to Bucharest (Romania). The new owner has the battery installed in his Lotus Elan convertible. An impression of the...


Also check out the BPath Energy YouTube channel for a detailed explanation of the BPath Module Controller and the Tesla Battery System.



Complete energy storage systems suitable for solar panels consisting of Tesla Battery System with BMS in combination with Victron inverter / charger for the energy supply of your (holiday) home.

Mobile applications

Lithium batteries for boat, camper / caravan or other mobile application. Charging with shore power, camping connection or solar panels in combination with BMS and Victron battery chargers / inverters.