BPath Energy

Are you looking for high-quality lithium-ion batteries for energy systems?

BPath Energy is happy to help you with the energy supply for your (holiday)home, boat or caravan. You will find various batteries and our unique products in the web shop, but we will gladly help you with a customized solution. Have a look at our projects! BPath Energy specializes in in batteries from EV cars. The battle for the best EV car is mainly about battery technology. Features such as weight, size, number of charging cycles and reliability of the battery are the cornerstones of the development in the EV industry. Budgets and engineering capacity to achieve this goal are virtually unlimited. Isn’t that exiting? BPath Energy makes it possible for you to benefit from this! You can contact us by filling out the contact form or by calling +31 (0)6 24925649. I look forward to advise you!


BPath videos on products and BMS

BPath also has a YouTube channel, with videos on BPath products and BPath BMS. In these videos Brend explains the battery module controller, how the  BPath BMS functions and integration with...

Off grid power supply home installation with solar panels

Off grid power supply for a home installation in combination with solar panels for a house in Spain. The system consists of six Tesla battery modules, a Multiplus 5000 / 48V, Color Control GX and...

Built-in electrical installation in luxury motor yacht

Combination of (Tesla) batteries and Victron equipment for operating the light system, microwave, Nespresso machine and hot plates, and for checking and monitoring overview, balance and the like,...

Opel Ampera-e battery for installation Lotus Elan (Romania)

On May 9, 2019, a complete Opel Ampera-e battery pack of 57 kWh was shipped to Bucharest (Romania). The new owner has the battery installed in his Lotus Elan convertible. An impression of the...



Battery modules for storage of electrical energy from the solar panels on your (holiday)home.


Batteries for boat or camper/caravan. Adapted to charging with shore power or connection to the campsite, in combination with Victron chargers/inverters.